What is Mindfulness?

A mindful approach in psychotherapy can help clients to notice and appreciate each moment as it happens, to regulate emotion, and to expand awareness and sense of calm.

Gentle observation of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and what arrives through our senses helps to train the brain towards new, preferred patterns. Mindfulness skills and concepts have long been used in an effort to alleviate suffering.

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy helps us cultivate a calm mind, even in the midst of internal or external turmoil. This approach focuses on cultivating mental clarity, a sense of inner calmness, emotional equanimity, and greater resilience. These qualities decrease mental and emotional distress, stress-related physical and emotional symptoms, and relationship problems.

When we can be with things as they truly are without judgment, creative problem solving and skillful responses arise naturally. Mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance are the core of a life lived with enthusiasm and joy and the path to returning yourself to wellness.

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